Roadmap to Become an Expert Web Developer [Each Factor Explained]

If you are planning to hire a web developer for your business/personal brand website, or if you are an aspiring web developer who has recently jumped into this field and want to make a big name out of this market, than this article is definitely going to help you a lot.
Let me be clear about one thing, Web development isn’t just about coding, there’s a lot more to it.
Yes you may be called a “Web Developer” if you know how to develop websites and if you have some basic skills this field requires, you may even get some clients too but you will never achieve that level of excellence that you would if you go deeper.
Flexibility in Developing:
Each web developer has a certain skill set that map to one or more particular languages. But you have to understand that when you are working on a website you may need to show some flexibility. By using the word Flexibility I mean you should not stuck to one or some limited languages and widen your code using different languages that could get you some effective results.For an Expert Web Developer Languages like Javascript, Java, Python, C++, PHP and Perl are really important as these are some of the most popular languages today.A good web developer will always understands how most of the things in developing need some additional cohesive work and will always look forward to put them into function the right way.
Here is where a lot of developer makes mistakes they expect their client to give them information regarding the project but instead of asking what you want to happen, they always indirectly ask how is it going to be done?  For example let’s say the Client asked to get him a design that could get his conversion rates to increase little bit.
Now if you have gathered enough information regarding his objective, you should do everything afterwards on your own. It’s your job to understand and know about what features do increase the conversion rates and your client don’t need to get you all the information.
This factor of ‘Not knowing the Stuff properly’ leads to higher level of Client’s unsatisfaction.
A Web Developer working on his own showing that he work hard on his own and don't seek help from the client.
Communication Skills:
The Developer should have great communication skills and here I don’t mean the Language but the way he communicate and interacts with the clients. The Developers which succeed in making a bond with their clients through their way of communicating to them are incredible. Some of the tips for better communication with the clients are:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Hold Virtual team meetings
  • Try to follow up in writing
  • Keep them updated

Communication is no doubt one of the most important factors no matter which ever field you belong to and if it’s about the web design of a brand, it’s the thing which works as the base for every other thing.  If you could impress the client with your communication skills he will definitely get back to you.
An Image showing a Web Developer meeting with his Client, showing how much communication matters
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Being on Time:
The time punctuality is surely not a debate, we all can agree that for a good web developer with all his abilities and technical skills he needs to be aware of the fact that the client has given him some time limitation to complete his task and if he don’t it’s his fault. But here one thing that all the professional web developers can learn is how those being late with their project delivery can affect their business. Just look at the Stats below ;
A servey 87% of Customers who Recieve their orders in 5 days become regular customers
The stats says it all, when a customer/client get his project late than what was decided, his chances of coming back to the same  buyer goes down drastically. Let me tell you one of my own examples, when I use to own an online Jewelry business.
Once when I had to get a ring made for a customer and the person who I gave this Job built it the most beautiful anyone could ever do and also was great in his dealing. But he delivered us 7 days late and we never went back to him again EVER. I guess this little story tells us everything.
Knowing the Market Trends:
The market of web design changes every day, things happen every day, and people respond to it differently every day. A good developer will need to stay up to date. He should know about the latest trends of his industry and should be aware of where his field is heading too. It’s not that difficult to maintain and requires no 6th sense.  Here’s some ways how can you stay updated in any industry;
Statistics showing different tactics how can you stay upto date in web developing.
When the Client finds out that the developer he has hired knows about his market he feels relaxed and this thing builds trust.
“Experts of any field are those people who are able to predict the near future of that industry by understanding the pattern of the current situation”
 Follows the Client:
If your client has hired you for the web development of his website, he’ll surely have some goal in his mind that he wants to achieve but can’t be done with the previous layout of his website. So it’s your job to get it done for him. And how you can do that? By following his guidelines about what he wants, and adding them with your skill set. You need to listen to your client more and more. You should have meetings with him, talk to him, discuss the project and go deep into his requirement.
An image showing a Developer listening ot all his clients instructions clearly.
A good developer will always try to gather as much information as he can and evaluate that information to understand properly what is the thing that his client is expecting from him. When your client has asked you that he want some design that could help him collecting Emails then your responsibility is not just to create a landing page and a traffic source but to be creative that how can you make the people to engage enough that they do subscribe.
So listen to what is the Goal the Client have in mind and then think of what is the most effective way to achieve it?
Steve Jobs' Quote explaining how your Clients/Clients expect from you to help them achieving their goals.
 Accepts the Flaws:
It’s simply a market rule that whoever guy seems to be more honest the market goes to him. And the same rule applies in Web developing. One quality of an excellent web developer is that he always works responsibly. We all have witnessed those rude and arrogant developers which never accept their mistake, or even if they aren’t rude/arrogant they at least always make lame excuses for their faults. And that really leaves a bad impression on the client.
To be a good developer you need to develop this quality of accepting your mistakes or faults seriously and face your client in an apologetic manner, if you have to, this makes the client think that the next person is sincere with his work and this was just an unintentional mistake.
Donald Porter's Quote saying that your customers don't expect you to be perfect. All they epect from you is to fix things when they go wrong.
Personal Advice:

  • We are done with what matters technically and the factors which when you follow help you get more Clients with more Satisfaction, but along with all these I can advise you some other tips too.
  • As being a part of a Web Developing agency I know very well what get the client satisfied and what brings him back with more business for you, that’s just one word, Care”.
  • Care about what your clients goals are, what he expects from you what he is looking for, what is the perfect solution for his problem and that’s it.
  • It’s a people’s world without getting things more complicated understand one simple fact if you’ll show them your sincerity and honesty towards their work they will never let you down, it’s just human’s nature.
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