Case Study: MVAS Visualization & RPA Web Application

When George came to us, he is finding a hard time managing his business as his business is growing in volume, with more number of sales, staff and revenue, it definitely becomes harder to keep a check on all those things. This problem led George contact us. When he defined his problem to us and also what he dream as a solution, We proposed him a complete Software Idea for his business.
This pitch gone really well, and George liked the idea in the very first draft. He wanted us to continue working on it, and we started by signing a Statement of Work with George, to build a software which will automate his business daily and weekly tasks, and would also generate powerful and flexible reports for him to view and analyze the statistics which are leading his business and have a great impact.
The key feature requirements with this software are:
• Complete Vehicle status tracking from Customer to all internal phases.

• Billing and creating invoices for vehicles

• Record keeping for all the vehicles

• Auto notifications to the owner, the agent and the admin itself wherever required.

• Powerful Monthly, Weekly and Daily reports with just 1-click.

• Ability to download the reports in PDF, CSV and Excel format for further analysis

• Ability to generate Bar charts, line graphs and pie charts for relative data for a deeper analysis and breakdown of important aspects.

The Development Process:

Once we got all the requirements from George, our Dev team planned their strategies. We choose Agile methodology for this software (as we are an Agile enabled firm). Our delivery team planned the Sprints, setup the work, and allowed the dev team to crack on the stuff as soon as possible.

The development was carried as a Web based application so it can be accessed from anywhere, on a tech stack including the following languages and frameworks:
• PHP (Core Language)

• CodeIgniter (Framework)

• Bootstrap (Front-end)

• D3 charts, Charts.JS (Reporting and Charts)

• Codeigniter Libraries like PHP Office etc for further features.

• API’s enabled Cron Jobs and Pupeeter Scripts for Robotic Process Automation of Different tasks.
This high-tech technology stack enabled us to develop and deliver an exact end-product, George was looking forward to. On the completion of our Software development lifecycle (including development, quality assurance and final touches and configuration) our delivery team had a Zoom enabled Online meeting with George for the initial software demo, which gone successfully well. After some minor tweaks, we successfully deployed the software over the production and let George’s team use it.

While they were using it, our in-built modules are keeping an eye to collect non-sensitive and non-confidential data about any kind of crash and error, but thanks to our Dev and QA team who did their job perfectly and we didn’t got a Post deployment bug in our system.

Results we have got:

After the deployment, our main area of focus for the client is to analyze and find out “How well the project is performing for the Owner?” And the results were amazing…
• The application helped George cut his business management efforts by up to 53%.

• As being an Online Web App, it allowed George to freely travel with his business or family trips, as he can see what’s going on, from literally anywhere in the world. All he needs is just a basic internet connection on his phone.

• The application reduced the Team’s error rate from 18% to 1%. Making it a straight 97% reduction in the error rate.

• The reporting tools are powerful enough so George can generate and share reports with his partners etc, while he travels.

Client's Feedback

We believe on delivery values to our client’s businesses and we ensure our solutions help them in their capacities. And when we listen to the value we bought to them, it gives us a feel we never experienced at any other stage. That’s why our client’s feedbacks are too much important for us.

Here is what George has to say about the delivered product and about Codeivo.
“Thank you so much, Team Codeivo. You guys literally made the exact thing I once dreamt off for having it in my business. Things are so easy while using it. Excellent Job… would definitely be coming back to you guys with other ideas I have in my mind and needs to be turned into reality…. From my side Codeivo is a highly recommended solution.” George – Entrepreneur

Project Link:

As it was a web-application based software and needs authentication to login and experience how it works, we are not allowed to share a test username and password to you guys. But still we have got some really cool screenshots of the Application, so you can know how powerful and efficient it looks.
Login Page of MVAS
MVAS Main Dashboard

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